Fast Ukrainian is a Ukrainian language learning method that was developed by a native speaker of English who has learned to speak Ukrainian fluently. The method offered here starts the student from zero knowledge and explains the grammar you’ll need to speak Ukrainian in a few dozen short video lessons, using simple language that anyone can understand.  Once you’ve finished these lessons, you’ll be well on your way to speaking Ukrainian.

Created For…

People who want to speak Ukrainian but don’t have years to spend getting there. This is why it’s Fast Ukrainian.

Created Using…

Proven methods that get you to your goal of speaking Ukrainian asap. We use simple explanations for regular people.

Created By…

An English speaker who is now fluent in Ukrainian and who knows what it takes to learn this language.

  • Absolutely no knowledge needed to start.
  • Short video lessons so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Simple explanations for any ability.
  • Learn at your own speed, when you are ready.
  • Available 24 hours/day for your schedule.
  • Lots of exercises to practice what you’ve learned.
  • Proven method with simplified grammar rules.
  • Everything you need for a great foundation.

What are Students Saying?

Fast Ukrainian is clear and well organized. I was able to understand some simple sentences after only a few hours of work. I’ve tried other courses but this has been much simpler and more effective.

In short, this course is fantastic. I will totally recommend it to my friends.

Lochlan C.

Fast Ukrainian Full Course Student



Video Lessons

Review & Worksheets

Bonus Lessons


Your Chances of Learning


Are professional or business opportunities waiting for you? Knowing the local language has a way of opening doors.


Do you want to be closer to your Ukrainian roots? Speaking Ukrainian is an excellent way to do that.


Are travel plans to Ukraine in your future? What better way to experience the country than to speak the language?


Have you fallen in love with someone who speaks Ukrainian? Imagine how much closer you can become with new language skills.

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